Western Food

Balinese cuisine is a cuisine tradition of Balinese people from the volcanic island of Bali. Part of Indonesian cuisine, it demonstrates indigenous traditions, as well as influences from other Indonesian regional cuisine, Chinese and Indian.  

The island's inhabitants are predominantly Hindu and culinary traditions are somewhat distinct with the rest of Indonesia, with festivals and religious celebrations including many special foods prepared as the offerings for the deities, as well as other dishes consumed communally during the celebrations.


Grilled Chicken Breast

Tender char-Grilled Chicken breast on a cream black pepper sauce served with seasonal vegetable and sauteed, parsley, potatoes

Grilled King Prawns

Grilled king prawns served on a malted green herbs garlic butter, wedges potatoes and sauteed vegetables

Seafood Fritter

SelecHon of seafoodcalamari, fish prawnsand French fries served with tomato and tartar sauce

Grillen Chicken Breast

Tender char-grilled chicken breast on a creamy mushroom sauce served with sauteed vegetables and lyonnalse potatoes

Chicken T Eriyaki

Deep fried fillet chicken served with home-made teriyaki sauce. Served with sautéed vegetables and French fries.

Chicken Schnitzel

Deep flied breaded Chicken served with cream mushroom sauce.

Chicken Gordon Blue

Fan fried breaded chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese served with vegetables. French fries and mushroom sauce.

Beef Schnitzel Margherita

Pan-fried breaded thin of beef fop with teste tomatoes, melted cheese served with green salad, French flies and sweet chill sauce.

Basket Of French Fries With Tomato And Aioll Sauce

Basket Of Potatoes Wedges With Tomato And Aioli Sauce